A decade ago yoga2go shifted from a mobile yoga service contracted to deliver Corporate health programing, to a yoga service that provides freedom through mobility.  Watching my active parents age, I realized that mobility is key to an elderly person’s freedom and enjoyment of life.  Yoga provides the antidote to physical, mental and emotional stress. Regular practice will strengthen the systems of your body to function better.

My clients can expect to receive individual attention and programs that will assist increasing what has decreased, gain what has been lost, and expanding instead of limiting.  Common complaints:

  • limited flexibility,
  • loss of strength,
  • reduced awareness,
  • balance problems,
  • decreased self-confidence,
  • chronic stress and anxiety,

Adaptations will be made according to the participant’s level and interest.  Assistive props are used as necessary, making yoga accessible to ALL bodies.  The sessions will be designed and sequenced to incorporate your individual ability, goals and time constraints.  Progressive lesson planning allows you to move deeper with increased stamina and control; consistency of practice aids in the progression.

“Yoga works on many levels freeing the body, emancipating emotions, and liberating the spirit”.  BKS Iyengar