yoga2go was created in 2005 to address one of the biggest reasons health programs fail–convenience!  The more convenient a program, the greater the probability of success.  yoga2go will make your yoga class as successful as possible you choose the time, location, and duration.  No excuse to miss another practice whether at a studio, office, home, sports club or park–yoga2go will travel to you.

Clients can expect to receive individual attention and tailored programs that address such issues as: limited flexibility, loss of strength, reduced awareness, balance, decreased self-confidence, chronic stress and anxiety. Postures are adapted to the participant’s level and interest through the use of assistive props if necessary, making yoga accessible to ALL bodies.  The sessions will be designed and sequenced to incorporate your individual ability, goals and time constraints.  Progressive lesson planning allows you to move deeper into the poses.

“Yoga works on many levels freeing the body, emancipating emotions, and liberating the spirit”.  BKS Iyengar